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I have a long-standing interest in understanding why individuals adopt propaganda and embrace false beliefs. Specifically, I want to understand the reasons why people cling to inaccurate beliefs, often fueled by misinformation and fake news.

In a series of studies, I investigated whether 'intellectual humility'—the willingness to recognize that one's beliefs might be incorrect—could serve as a protective factor against the adoption of false beliefs. I explored whether this trait could steer individuals away from inaccuracies and towards truth, for instance, regarding the safety of vaccines or debunking unfounded claims about the 2020 U.S. Election being rigged.

While my research revealed that intellectual humility does aid in gravitating towards accurate information, it also suggested that this trait might lead individuals to adopt any claims for which there is support, regardless of the veracity of those claims.

In addition, I'm investigating various interventions' effectiveness in mitigating the acceptance and dissemination of fake news, contributing to the broader understanding of how to combat misinformation.

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