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Artificial Intelligence and R

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already revolutionized various fields, including healthcare, finance, and transportation. Considering its broad potential, one might wonder, why not harness AI for data analysis? I firmly believe that AI holds a unique potential to make data analysis more efficient and accessible for researchers across diverse disciplines, including the social sciences.

In this side project, I've developed a tutorial that demonstrates how researchers can integrate AI into their data analysis using R. This tutorial provides a rich collection of resources that cater to both novice and experienced R users. Regardless of your proficiency level, AI can be an invaluable tool to enhance the speed and quality of your data analysis.

The tutorial slides and a recorded version of the tutorial are provided below for your convenience. Whether you are just starting with R or are looking to augment your existing skills, this tutorial aims to show you how AI can make your data analysis journey smoother and more effective.


Relevant Resources

Integrating AI with R. Five options:

  1.  Manually switch between an AI and Rstudio

  2.  Add-in on R Studio (Credit: Michel Nivard) (*note, can’t use pro-account API key)

  3.  Visual Studio and Github Co-pilot (difficult to set up)

  4.  Replit and Ghostwriter (DO NOT USE YET—many R packages can’t be loaded yet)

  5.  Use Python and Co-Pilot (might be easiest but isn’t R)

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